Sunday, March 22, 2009

21 Things about this 21 Month Old

Nellie is officially 21 months old today. I can feel the terrible twos right around the corner. Bring it on, I'm ready. Terrible or not, she is at the stage that has been the most fun so far. The earlier months were precious and cute. These months are fun and adventurous. She is talking more and playing more. I am so excited for what's to come!

So, here are 21 things you must know about Nellie Kate:

1. She loves cantaloupe.

2. She loves daycare more than home (I'm convinced).

3. She loves her papa.

4. She says the word poo-poo for many things.

5. She is a good little mommy.

6. Her new nickname is Boo (Monsters, Inc.).

7. She is already a great helper (today she helped put the clothes in the washer).

8. She gets into everything but will help clean it up.

9. She loves water (she'd play in it all day if she were allowed).

10. She is daring.

11. She likes more vegetables than her dad.

12. Her age is more than her weight (think about that one for a minute).

13. She pretends to be asleep in the bath so she doesn't have to get out.

14. She loves taking Bailey for a walk.

15. She loves to announce when Bailey goes poop (at least it's in context here).

16. She is obsessed with her belly button.

17. She learned how to pick her nose (yuck! I am convinced daddy taught this one).

18. She loves to play outside.

19. She is a ham. Cracks me up all day long.

20. She loves to play beauty shop in my bathroom.


21. She has a mommy and daddy who love her very much!!