Monday, July 27, 2009

{ These Days }

So, what have you been up to these days?

Us, well just about anything and everything! I finished my first official year of teaching, Yeah!!! It was great, so much fun! It is uncertain where I will be next year but I am hopeful. We celebrated some birthdays. Miss Nellie turn 2. TWO. I can't believe my baby is two. Where did the time go? She is turning into the most amazing little girl. She is a joy! Shane had a birthday too! Nellie had a blast helping me make the cupcakes and we grilled steak and lobster for the special occasion. We also found out we will be having another little bundle of joy join our family in January! We are very excited! Nellie is convinced the baby must always be night-night since she never sees it. We find out on Wednesday what we are having. Yeah, then I can start shopping.

Summer is in full swing with lazy days, pool days, beach days and fun days. Oh, and of course, Barefoot Sundays! We are loving every minute of it!