Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Fun

Despite the diagnoses of an ear infection and possible strep, we had a great Easter weekend. We hope you did too. The weather wasn't very agreeable at first but we ended up with a beautiful day on Sunday.

We dyed our Easter eggs. That was great, messy fun!

On Saturday we went to the Easter egg hunt at the Santee Lakes. Nellie rode on a pony and played in the petting zoo before she hunted for eggs. This was her first year hunting for eggs, she was overwhelmed at first but eventually got the hang of it. Later we made rice Krispy eggs with Taylor. It was a fun day (even with the rain) spent with the girls.

Sunday we hunted more eggs at Grandma and Grandpa's. She learned from the day before and was determined to find each and every egg, until the wind changed direction and she decided to play in the garden. Later we went over to Michael and Adele's for Easter Dinner. Too much food and too much fun!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Barefoot Sunday

Most Sundays you can find us over at my parents for dinner, especially now that the weather is warmer. We hang out, Nellie plays in the backyard with daddy and papa (she practically has more toys there than here!) and my mom and I cook. I've said before I truly think a Sunday dinner is important. You make time to spend time as a family.

Our Sunday dinners have become "Barefoot Sundays." If you know us, you know that we have an almost illegal obsession with Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa. We have decided on Sundays our entire menu will come from the pages of the Barefoot cookbooks. It is a fun way to put our obsession to work.

We have had two Barefoot Sundays so far. The first included juicy hamburgers, roasted potatoes, sugar snap peas and asparagus, and a shortcake dessert. The second was a yummy feast of steaks, garlic potatoes, roasted broccoli (surprisingly delicious), homemade onion rings (a big hit), and ice cream Sundays for dessert.

Now I look forward to cooking at least one meal a week!