Friday, August 29, 2008

Party Favors

Party favors come in many different varieties. Some can be a simple memento of a festive occasion. Others can be as lavish as the gifts brought to the party. For NK's first birthday I decided to keep it simple. For one, she is a year old. She won't remember this party, it was more for us. Second, we are the first among our family and friends to have a child, therefore this party had a kid count of about 3 (NK included). My favor? A simple frog sugar cookie decorated with green royal icing and green sugar crystals. I wrapped them in cellophane bags and tied them off with a coordinating ribbon. I thought they were adorable and a nice yet simple way to commemorate the occasion.

While these little sweets were a hit at the party, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to make a cute "kid" favor. Instead of making sweets for NK to take to daycare, I sent bubbles. One for each of the kids. Attached to each bubble was a tag that read "This little bundle of joy is now our bubbly little girl." I photo shopped a picture onto the tag and tied it off with a cute ribbon. These were so cute and a great alternative to sugary sweets. They were such a hit I don't have any left to show. Sorry:(

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