Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas "Wrap-Up"

Get it wrap-up? Like a gift? Ha!Ha! So I'll leave the funnies to the professionals. Before it gets to be Valentines Day I should give the Christmas wrap-up. No joke.

Christmas is such a busy time for us. Shane always has to work such long days and I am usually running around finishing everything up! Did I get to do everything I wanted? No! Did a have an absolutely fantastic holiday season anyway? Yes! Like I said before, my mom took us to Disneyland the Monday before Christmas. This will definitely be a tradition we continue each year. We will go a week earlier though so Shane can come too! Christmas Eve was at my Aunt Adele and Uncle Mike's this year. As always the food was yummy and there was way too much! NK looked adorable in her Christmas dress. She loved climbing the stairs, "playing" the piano, and running laps around the house. This was her first year in the family name draw and my cousin Carson drew her name. He's the youngest of the cousins so that was cute. Christmas morning rolled around and Santa was good to NK. He brought her a play kitchen, a high chair for her dolly, pots and pans, and a bake sets. It was fun to watch her play with everything. Then it was off the my parents house for presents with my family the traditional Christmas breakfast. If you have never had a grease cake you have not lived my friend. What is a grease cake? Fried bread dough! That's it! Put some honey butter or jam on that thing and you are in heaven. Of course we also had eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, and biscuits and gravy. Again, never a shortage of food in this family. After that heavy meal it was back home for a nap and playtime. Later that evening we went back over to my parent's for Christmas dinner. It's nice to end the busy holiday with a quiet, relaxing, casual dinner. We spent some time with Tracey because she was headed back to Paris in the morning.

We were truly blessed this holiday season. We had a wonderful time with our family near and far.

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