Monday, January 26, 2009

I Heart My Health! (and sunday dinners #3 and 4)

Oh! I am so thankful to back in the land of the living (and breathing). I have been down with a sinus infection for the last two weeks. I am not 100% back but I can fake it. I seriously got to a point where I could lay on the couch no more. I wanted to get back to my old working mode (wait! maybe something is still wrong with me!). So, I went back to work, hand sanitizer and airborne in hand. Luckily, I managed to contain my germs at home and so far no signs of hubby or NK getting sick.

I did manage to cook here and there. Two Sundays ago we had some Garlic Chicken Pasta. If it wasn't my favorite meal, I probably would have already forgot what we had two weeks ago. It is a go to meal when we are busy and I can keep it in the crockpot and we can eat it when we want. If I remember, that was a big football day and I figured we could all just eat when we got hungry, or when we needed a break from laying on the couch! Last night was a yummy Sunday dinner as I was feeling much better. We grilled some steaks and scallops and did a surf and turf dinner. We had a baked potato and some carrots too. I was stoked when I got the steak and the scallops on sale at Henry's. The whole meal was under $15. I was surprised NK was lovin' the scallops.

In the non-food world, I can't believe that NK is 19 months old. It is her last teen month. We are getting so close to 2. And, if you know me, you know that I have already started planning the birthday party. She is growing up so fast. I am also getting excited for Valentines Day. I have some neat things planned to do with NK and some cute gifts to make for NK to give at daycare.

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