Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sunday Dinner #2

I realize that it is Tuesday and the Sunday dinner is now well over. I was down with a cold all weekend. I have been sick four times since I have taken on this new job. Yikes! I need to build up my immune system. We did manage to cook dinner on Sunday. It was more of a football watching, snack eating, barbeque at halftime dinner but we were still all together and that's what's important right? We had chips and dips and some potato skins that I made for snacks. I left the grilling up to Shane and we had hamburgers, grilled potatoes, ranch beans , and fruit. This was a great meal for NK since her favorite food is ketchup. If we eat something that requires ketchup she dips everything in it. Even her fruit! Sadly, the Chargers lost but it was a good day overall.

There's always next year! For them and the Cowboys! Daddy, can NK still wear her Romo jersey next year?;)

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